Since my husband and I decided to homeschool the kids, a new world has opened up right in front of us.  I was scared at first, and wasn’t sure how everything would come together, but I prayed for mentoring and guidance. Every time I’ve asked God for direction, a friend, or a mentor–He has delivered.

Sometimes, when I ask God for something, I simply wait and He delivers at just the right moment. However, there are times when I ask God for something, but then there is a step–a tiny (or not so tiny) leap of faith to take on my part. In my case, I asked God to bring women into my life to cultivate friendships with. God can bring those people into my life, but He’s not going to message them or call them up to invite them for coffee. I needed to reach out of my comfort zone, or be available to reach out to.


A Leap of Faith

As soon as I decided to homeschool the kids, I dove into prep work. I researched my face off, gathered curriculum, created a schedule, and reached out to others for resources. I had to make space in our home, organize, and reorganize. None of this comes naturally to me. I’m naturally disorganized, reserved, and admittedly shy at times. However, since I took the first step, I have met so many people who have come alongside to support me as friends, mentors, and prayer warriors. I asked God for a community, and He has been faithful to deliver what I needed, just when I needed it.

At the beginning of our homeschooling journey, I felt completely overwhelmed (actually, overwhelmed is an understatement). I had NO idea what we were getting into, and I was afraid of failing my kids. However, this season of unknowing has thrust my shaky hand into my Creator’s steady palm. As I follow Him closely, one step at a time, I realize that none of this is about me–not my success, not my kids’ future, not even this journey. He promised me that His strength shows up best when I’m vulnerable and feeling inadequate. The deal is that I simply show up, then I get to watch Him flex and provide and sustain and prosper and comfort and heal and do what only He can do.


Answered Prayers

Most recently, I have asked God to put women in my path to mentor me in various areas of my journey, including homeschooling.  I felt lost, and in need of guidance.  About a month ago, I visited my dad’s house. As I was leaving, a woman from a mortgage broker company arrived for a meeting with him. She noticed my four kids and shared that she had four of her own kids. When I mentioned that we homeschool, she divulged that she homeschooled her kids for 25 years. She offered her contact information, support, and guidance. I was floored by her openness and generosity. Even more so, I was amazed by God’s provision in that moment.

Each answered prayer nudges me gently onward, following breadcrumbs on the path ahead. I need these reminders of God’s faithfulness on the good days, and the days when I want to quit, pack everything up, and run away.


Have you taken a risk or a leap of faith lately?  I would love to hear about it–leave a comment!