Hey, you.  Welcome.


If you’re anything like me, you might be wondering if there is more to motherhood—or life in general–than feeling overworked and overwhelmed, left with an undernourished soul.

You might find the joy of life as mom–or otherwise–elusive because, frankly, you’re too busy keeping all the balls in the air.

Ring a bell?

My homies.


My name is Kathryn. You can call me Kat.

I am a married mother of four precious, spirited kiddos.

We homeschool in the DMV, and we dig it.

I am a Jesus girl.

I’m also:

  • an aspiring writer
  • a shower singer
  • a closet beauty junkie
  • an art lover
  • an ice cream addict
  • a crossword crusher

—oh, and a recovering perfectionist.


I started this blog to keep track of our homeschool journey, things I’m learning along the way, and my list of unfinished DIY projects.

My hope is to encourage you to take just a minute to give yourself a little grace and savor the moment, because the only time we have is right now.

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