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I LOVE shopping for gifts. Okay–I love shopping in general, to be clear.  When an event is right around the corner (ahem–Mother’s Day for example), I tend to draw a blank when choosing gifts for the special people in my life.

Some people are EASY to shop for, especially those who keep no secrets about what they want.  I personally am an introvert and a creative (INFP if you’re into that kind of thing).  We can present more of a challenge because we’re not as vocal as others, and we’re a bit more mysterious to boot.

If you have a special someone in your life who fits that description and you need a gift idea NOW, not to worry–I gotchu.  The following are 8 amazing gifts for the introverted lady in your life (mama or not):


8 Gifts for the Introverted Creative Mama


Crafty/Maker/DIY Mamas

1) Craftsy.  Grab a Craftsy course for creatives, makers, and DIY enthuisasts.  Craftsy offers loads of thorough tutorials on sewing, knitting, baking, and all sorts of other projects.  These classes are taught by professionals, and are extremely affordable.  I personally have taken several courses, and my daughter is currently taking a cake decorating class.  She’s loving it.  If you can’t pick just one class, you might want to try out Craftsy Unlimited, which is basically like Netflix for creative classes. SERIOUSLY.

If you aren’t sure which class to go with, you can always send a gift card.  If your cash flow is more like a drip right now, there are several free classes on everything from drawing to cooking to taking family portraits.


2) Creativebug.  Creativebug is a subscription service that offers over 1,000 video classes taught by top professionals.  The concept is similar to Craftsy, but the offerings are different.  New classes are released daily, and daily challenges are great for practice.  There are also free classes offered.

3) Sizzix.  If paper-crafting or cardmaking is her thing, check out Sizzix.  You can shop individual paper products and machines, or you can shop by project and get a kit to simplify things a bit.


Bookworm Mamas

4) AudiobooksNow.  Busy readers would love to have audiobooks available on the go.  There is a great selection here–over 95,000 titles.

5) BookOutlet.  If you know someone who loves to turn the pages of a good book, you can get over 90,000 titles here for deals that rival Amazon.  Earn points with each purchase toward more books.  And because we’re cool, here’s $5 off your first order if you sign up for the mailing list.

6) Bettes Box of Blessings.  You know that feeling you get when your Amazon package arrives?  Who wouldn’t like getting a box full of surprise goodies every month?  Get a box valued at $60-$80 or more full of books, journals, coloring books, beautiful cards, CDs and other items.  This is a gift I would totally enjoy.


Tea and Coffee Drinking Mamas

7) Zazzle.  Does she need a new coffee mug?  Um, always. You can grab her a snazzy new custom mug on Zazzle and she will probably sing your praises forever. Especially if her kids keep breaking her mugs.  Not that I know anything about that.  If she’s not into hot drinks, there are adorable T-shirts, fridge magnets, and thousands of other custom gifts to choose from.

8) Teabloom.  Serious tea drinkers will enjoy the array of specialty flowering teas, teaware, infusers, and gift sets.  Teabloom has been served at such luxury hotels as The Venetian and the Ritz-Carlton.  Never had blooming tea?  Watch this.

I hope you find these gift ideas useful!  Keep them bookmarked or pinned for the next occasion on your calendar!

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