You guys.  I realize it’s 2018, but I *just* started listening to podcasts last year.  I’m so not-digital, this blog would be nothing more than a floppy spiral-bound journal if I didn’t get tired of talking to myself all the time.

Back to my love of podcasts.  I love how much faster I can do my least favorite chores (washing dishes and folding laundry) when I’m listening to a podcast.  I love to learn, and I love a good distraction.

Here are a few of my faves (so far):


1. The Bible Project (Tim Mackie & Jon Collins)

I have always wanted to be able to read the Bible like a book from cover to cover, and actually comprehend what it was saying.  As much as I’ve prayed and read and scratched my head, I am so thankful to have found The Bible Project.  The Bible Project began as a series of YouTube videos which illustrate and explain the Bible’s main themes. You may enjoy TBP if, like yours truly—you fall asleep halfway through the book of Numbers, haven’t studied Greek or Hebrew, and could use a couple of CliffsNotes.

I may be a little backwards, but I listened to the podcast before checking out the videos (the videos are pretty dope). There is also a one-year Bible reading plan on the YouVersion Bible app that incorporates the explanatory videos, which I am actually following at the moment.  I am amazed by how the Bible comes to life and makes sense to me, just by having someone break it all the way down.

Start here: The Kingdom of God Part 1 (Episode 4)


2. God Centered Mom (Heather MacFadyen)

I cannot remember exactly how I found God Centered Mom. I do know that, at the time, I was not enjoying motherhood the way I felt I was meant to, and the way most of my mom friends seemed to. Heather is a mom of four boys who seeks to encourage women to soak in God’s healing grace, and to allow Him to redirect the focus of our motherhood from “me” (my failures, my anxieties, my fears) to “Him” (His goodness, His grace, and His love).

On GCM, Heather shares pieces from her own journey, as well as the stories of others who have survived the unimaginable. I have devoured each episode—laughing, crying, and shaking my head with hands raised to the ceiling.

Start here: Soul Freedom with Francie Winslow (Encore)


3. Christian Homeschool Moms (Demetria Zinga)

Demetria Zinga is a relatable homeschooling mother of 2, as well as an entrepreneur. On CHM, she shares a wealth of wisdom and encouragement on topics such as homeschool planning, budgeting, resources, and balancing homeschool with every other aspect of your life.

Start here: Homeschooling Basics with Kimberlee Wilkes (Episode 010)


I use Stitcher and SoundCloud to download and listen to these podcasts (both available on iTunes and Google Play, but there are many other players available.






What is your favorite podcast?  Let me know in the comments!