Making the decision to homeschool was the hard part.  Once we decided to go for it, I knew I needed to figure out how to set up our homeschool.

First, I got a lot of great advice from friends who were already homeschoolers.  When I ran out of contacts, I reached out to the internet for help.  How fortunate are we to have so much information at our fingertips, literally?

The mommy blogosphere did not disappoint.  Here are a few of my favorite homeschool blogs:


1.  The Salty Tribe Co:

Jane is a minimalist homeschooling mama of three.  Her soulful, bohemian vibe is a breath of fresh air, and instantly put me at ease while doing pre-homeschool research.  I didn’t know anything about homeschooling styles or philosophies starting out, but I did know that I wanted to take a minimalistic approach, and after reading this blog, I realized that the best part about homeschooling is that my kids will have their own learning experience tailored to their needs and personalities.  What an amazing opportunity!

I’m here forGorgeous beachfront pics (she lives on an island in North Carolina).

Favorite postThis review of the Good and the Beautiful History Curriculum


2.  Homeschool On (formerly Hip Homeschooling Blog):

Rebecca is a second-gen homeschooling mother of five.  She offers sage advice and encouragement on everything from planning to choosing curriculum to getting your kids to do their chores (without bribing or threatening within an inch of their sweet lives).

I’m here for:   Bullet journaling tutorials and a handy learning style quiz (an essential first step toward homeschooling your kiddos).

Favorite postWhy We Homeschool


3.  The Homeschool Mom:

THM is a one-stop shop for all things homeschool.  This blog is a great resource for the person who has a million and one questions about homeschooling.

I’m here for:  An immaculately-organized wealth of information (evidenced by a seriously thorough navigation menu).

Favorite postWhat to Tell Yourself When You Want to Quit Homeschooling



Know of any other homeschool blogs to check out?  Leave a comment!

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